The general assembly of  Alpine Club of Iran, which has been held annually since 1999 will be held on Wednesday, November 11th in the evening.
"Based on 16th article of association of  ACI, general assembly is assumed to be held annually in mid November. However in this year’s assembly, after a general report by ACI’s president, Abbas Mohammadi, Inspector, Behzad Torkashvand and a member of the board, Zaabiholah Hamidi are going to give their reports about last year’s turnover as ACI’s warden and bursar. The last program of the assembly is an election, where ACI’s members will vote to elect a new warden for the coming year," told ACI’s president, Abbaas Mohammadi.
After the election ceremoney, there will be an exciting program, where Hossein Boland-Akhtar will report a new route attempt on the west face of Mt. Alam-Kooh that was done in September, 2008.